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Wonderful words February 21, 2008

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I have something of a visceral reaction to words. These are some of my favorites.

I’ve come to love the word ‘queer’ and now use it as a catch-all term for everything not straight, myself included. Both the rhotic and non-rhotic pronunciations slide of the tongue deliciously, but I think I like it better when it’s said more like “kwee-ah” with a slight downward dip into a hint of an ‘R’ at the end – a bit of a hybrid. Like me.

‘Dyke’ gives me goosebumps. It’s a decisive, uncompromising, take-no-prisoners sort of word.

‘Cunt’ is one of my favorites, rich with associations and connotations and visuals. The arch from the ‘n’ to the ‘t’ makes me thinkg of the way a woman instinctively tilts her hips when she wants you to touch her there. I hate that it’s used as an insult and considered ‘the worst word’ in English. It’s a beautiful word and we should use it more.

‘Polyamory’ is a wonderfully balanced word. Say it a few times and see how neatly ‘poly’ and ‘ory’ frame ‘am’.

There are more, of course. Some are sweet and soft, like ‘bum’ and ‘bottom’ for the human posterior, while some, like ‘suck’ are harsher and more arousing. And I’m sure different people find different words have different effects. I’ve been blogging here for a grand total of 16 hours so I doubt anybody’s reading this, but if someone eventually does, why not let me know what words you like?


4 Responses to “Wonderful words”

  1. jen Says:

    I’m reading! I’m reading! Already really enjoying your writing style.

    I have an utter love affair wtih words, all words – written, spoken, sung. I’m equal opportunity.

    Agree with you on ‘cunt’…such a shame that it has been so maligned. I love the power of it, enjoy taking back the word and making it my own.

    I love the word fuck – it’s a noun, verb, adverb, exclamation.
    Check out this site:
    I love how it sounds in all it’s contexts. Use it far too much:)

    What I wish there was a better word for: humping….such a marvelous way to pass time, but such an awkward word. ugh.

  2. Dylan Says:

    I like cock, polyamory, queer, butch, homo… suck, bite, and fuck.

    I hate lesbian tho. Hate hate hate.

  3. Araliya Says:

    jen: Yes on the need for a new, good word for, well, humping. Fuck is nice, but, unlike ‘queer’ it’s perhaps too much of a catch-all. Everything else is a bit…meh.

    Dylan: Mhm. Lesbian is such an awkward, clunky sort of word. And I don’t like the abbreviations either because they seem vaguely derogatory, though I couldn’t really tell you why. I just use gay or queer for both men and women and figure if someone has a particular preference they’ll tell me.

    Great to see you guys here. Welcome!

  4. I’m reading too and eager to read more!

    I love the word queer, had a particular fondness for it even before learning the modern-day meaning. I love the flexibility of it, the way it covers everything from politics to art to sex. That’s an interesting point about the pronunciation — I think I have the same hybrid, almost -but-not-quite rhotic way of saying it. And yeah, I use queer or gay or dyke most of the time, but I do wonder sometimes if I’m offending people by saying that instead of lesbian.

    I don’t think I have a very visceral reaction to words involved in sex acts (I can’t quite figure out how to put that); it might be because that’s one of the few times when I don’t think in words! It’s the layers and playfulness in meaning that does it for me in words like queer and dyke.

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