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Crushed March 12, 2008

Filed under: Lust — Araliya @ 10:54 pm

Meg’s post on crushes was timely reading for me today. I recently ran into both boy- and girl-crush and, both times, was rather pleased at my ability to carry on a reasonably intelligent conversation while my insides tied themselves into knots and my brain threatened to turn to mush. It’s weird how much *noise* starts up in my head when I catch sight of them. The only advantage of not being 14 any more is that I now have the wherewithal to actually string sentences together and be polite and friendly even when what I want to do is pounce on them right there.

Did I mention we sort of work in the same general area?

Chances are, the next time I see them, there will be alcohol. Chances are, I will hide at the other end of the room in order to avoid the embarrassment caused by any untoward pawing, fawning, drooling or gibbery noises I might indulge in if I’m not careful. Chances are I will feel like a complete idiot anyway.


One Response to “Crushed”

  1. Dylan Says:

    oh god, my crushes still effect me this way too. i’m totally a fourteen year old boy when i run into them and can only string together sentences on a really good day. honestly though, i hope that feeling NEVER goes away.

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