Polyamory, bisexuality and maybe even some atheism

Freaksexual March 25, 2008

Freaksexual is a wonderful blog I found (via Bitchy Jones) in which Pepper deals intelligently and accessibly with issues surrounding polyamory and sexuality. The entries are more essays than posts but please don’t let their length put you off. They’re excellent reading regardless of how well acquainted you are with polyamory, but they’re particularly valuable if, like me, you’re just starting out with this whole non-monogamy thing. You could start with the latest post or start at the beginning or however you do it, but I’d recommend you make reading “Polyamory is not about the sex, except when it is” a priority either way.


2 Responses to “Freaksexual”

  1. runningoutandabout Says:

    I have been wanting to do a post on my views and experiences with non-monogamy. That one just about nails my views, so now I might just have it be on my experiences and follow your lead and link them on over.

  2. Araliya Says:

    Goodies should be shared, I say. Glad you found something that resonated. 🙂

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