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Delhi Queer Pride 2008 June 20, 2008

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From Mortar and Pestle:

This June, for the first time, Queer Pride celebrations will erupt on the streets of Delhi, alongside simultaneous marches in Kolkata and Bangalore!

Queer Pride is a celebration. It is about loving who we are, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, hijra or straight, and affirming everyone’s right to be respected for their own sexual choices.

This year, queer people, friends, and allies take this message to the streets!

Regal Cinema, CP
Sunday, June 29th

We’ll gather at Regal Cinema on the CP Outer Circle, then parade our pride along the Inner Circle, through Central Park, down Janpath and right to Jantar Mantar, where we will have celebrating, singing, speeches and a candlelight vigil.


This is huge. As far as I know, nothing like it has happened in South Asia before and the silence around queer issues there is profound. There’s a staggering amount of cultural conditioning and baggage that needs to be cast aside to even think of doing something like this. I no longer live in Delhi so won’t be able to participate, but I’ll be following events with great interest and hoping for the best for all who attend.


5 Responses to “Delhi Queer Pride 2008”

  1. caveat Says:

    you are desi and bi/queer and poly !? me too! and from delhi! i know there are a few of us out there, but definitely not enough. i don’t know if this lets you see my email address, but it would be awesome to be in touch… in any case, until then, i suppose i can always comment on this blog.
    i’ve been living away from delhi for 6 years, am a poly, bi/multi/queer, desi woman, and i can’t believe i can’t be there for its first queer pride. i will be returning home for good as soon as i can, which is not yet for a year at least, but i just wish i could fly over for the weekend to attend pride!

  2. Araliya Says:

    Good to hear from you, caveat. Yup. Desi, bi, poly, that’s me. I’m not from Delhi, though I’ve lived there, and I know how you feel about having to miss this. Feel free to email – it’s on the about page.

  3. Babs Says:

    Congrats to the organizers of the event.. was there.. all colorful people…

    people, please sign the petition at:


  4. Araliya Says:

    Glad to hear it went well.

  5. exterra Says:

    there were some pride celebrations in kolkata before, but this is the first multi-city one. it was inspiring and magical, i felt blessed to be there.

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