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Ah Sleep, I knew you well June 29, 2008

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You know what? Running three relationships is tiring. It’s a lot of fun, certainly, and wonderful on levels I’m still discovering, but I’m finding that, in addition to coordinating free time, one has to also consider when exactly that time happens to be. For instance, spending Friday night with partner no. 1, Saturday with no. 2, and then Sunday with no. 3, followed by a catch-up with no. 1 on Monday might sound like a fun (and it is) but it is also exhausting. And no, not just because of what you’re thinking.

It’s the sleeping. Or the lack thereof.

Now, it’s hardly news that everyone sleeps differently, but it’s something most of us know in theory. However, if you’re as light a sleeper as I am, you will soon find that a whole new set of sleeping patterns can be very distracting. Just as I’m about to drift off, A will snuggle or M will sigh or H will shift and I wake right up with ‘whatthehuhwhothewhatwasthat?’ running through my head like a news crawly-thing gone haywire. Generally, a jump like that will wake the other person up as well and you’re both back at square one with regard to sleep. So you settle back down because, hey, you have work and life and stuff to get to in the morning, and juuuust as you’re about to drift off, yup, it happens again. Rinse and repeat until totally sleep deprived.

And yes I’ve included H in there because apparently there’s some sort of recency thing where your brain’s so preoccupied with the new patterns that it blanks on the old pattern. I’m sure it will eventually catch up but I’m guessing not bombarding myself with different sleep patterns every night might be of some help. Because obviously, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be more jumpy. If you’re more jumpy, you’ll be more disturbed. If you’re more disturbed, you won’t sleep, and the merry little cycle will continue.

So take it from someone figuring this stuff out one day at a time, scheduling isn’t as easy as Google Calendar makes it look.


One Response to “Ah Sleep, I knew you well”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Oooh man. I had never thought about all the sleeping patterns. That must be a real hoot. It does seem like it would be hard to settle into something when each day the person is changing and therefore you can’t really find your niche… or just when you do, you’re starting over again. I wonder if the most time you spend with each of them, the easier it will become. For your sanity’s sake… I sure hope so!

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