Polyamory, bisexuality and maybe even some atheism

Make That Nine August 20, 2008

Filed under: Coming out — Araliya @ 12:46 am

Nine people who know, that is. I didn’t end up emailing that friend of mine but I caught her a little earlier than when we were supposed to meet and filled her in. I’d only just told her when our other friend joined us so I leapt up to greet her while friend 1 attempted to digest what I’d said. Friend 2 assisted her and, after the requisite questions, we moved on to other things. I was fairly confident that things were ok, but I knew for sure when they spotted an opportunity to tease me about it all and pounced on it, proceeding to be gloriously mean and catty to me. *sigh* Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a heaping helping of well crafted sarcasm, and the craftsmanship these girls are capable of is superb.


3 Responses to “Make That Nine”

  1. Temptress Says:

    I found your blog today via “polyoldfart” and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your archives. You have a wonderful style of writing that paints pictures for me. I am in a polyamorous quad, we have had our ups and down’s, but I woudn’t change the choices we made in coming together.
    While I do not identify as Bi, I am deeply and irrevocably in love with the woman I consider my “wife”. I would love the opportunity to add you to our blogroll with your permmision.
    Feel free to check us out at …. or directly at our blog ….


  2. Francesca Says:

    Wow! There must be something in the air with all of this “coming out”, eh? I’m glad it seems to be going well…xx

  3. Araliya Says:

    Hello. I’m glad you got something out of stopping by – it’s always good to connect with other poly persons. I’d be happy for you to add me to your blogroll. I’ll definitely be checking out your blog too (just had a quick peek and am heading back there now).

    Hey Francesca – we seem to be on a roll, huh? 🙂

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