Polyamory, bisexuality and maybe even some atheism

Coming Out Interview September 22, 2008

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In the comments on my last post, bentcrude asked me to do the interview on her site. I did it, though now I’d like to add a few things to the ‘other words that describe you’ section since Polyamory didn’t get much of a mention. I also don’t know why ‘What did you come out as?’ is repeated or why the second says ‘gay’ since I never said I was no longer interested in guys when I first came out – just that I’d also like to date women. Anyway, I’m sure that’ll get sorted. In the mean time, enjoy reading about all the different experiences on there.


One Response to “Coming Out Interview”

  1. bentcrude Says:

    Thanks! If you click on polysexual in my tag cloud you’ll see a few results … it’s interesting for me to see how the tags are showing up, actually. Will go check whether I tagged your story with polyamoury and do so if I didn’t.

    Thanks again


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