Polyamory, bisexuality and maybe even some atheism

This is not really my issue October 28, 2008

Filed under: Politics of sexuality,Sexuality — Araliya @ 10:12 am

In that I am not an American and do not live in the US, nor plan to, but I did spend a decent amount of time growing up there and I do read a lot of US-based blogs, so I’m not indifferent to it either. The issue in question is Proposition 8, which will be voted on come election day in the US and which, if successful, will effectively dissolve all the same-sex marriages that were made possible only a few months ago in California. In other words, it’s a huge steaming pile of shit that the Right wants to add to all the other shit already piled onto the LGBTQ community. Greta Christina has written about it already, as have others including the lovely, and recently married, Lizzie and Jade, and hippiemeg,  but this post at Gone Feral is my favorite so far because it points out just how ridiculous the whole anti-same-sex marriage argument is by pointing out how stupid the institution and the social assumptions that govern it are in the first place. It’s a refreshing read.


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