Polyamory, bisexuality and maybe even some atheism

Greta on the Radio January 27, 2009

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So I’m a fan of Greta Christina, as you might have gathered by now. Here she is in an internet radio interview on the Feast of Fools podcast titled Living Outside Religion. Not only did I enjoy the discussion, which ranges from talk of atheism within the queer community and atheism in general to how to interact with sex workers (hint: treat them like human beings) and Greta’s book on the topic, I really liked her voice. This is important for me because I seem to have finicky ears and people’s voices, particularly when recorded, can grate horribly even when I like their ideas and writing. There’s no way I’d be able to sit through some of my favorite podcasts if they were 55 minutes long. But the content of this interview was made all the more enjoyable because I could listen to it without fidgeting.


Pass Go. Collect $200. January 8, 2009

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Happy 2009, people.

I always feel one should have something terribly profoud to say at this time but I can’t quite bring myself to wax lyrical about the newness of the new year and all that because you know as well as I do that once the tipsy excitement of it all wears off, you’re going to go right back to living mostly just as you were before the year changed. Luckily for me though, that’s still pretty good. Way better than the beginning of 2008, when I was insecure and lost and frustrated and all those other nasties. While life is rarely completely free of such things, there are other things – love, work, friendship, community – that can mitigate their effect and those things I have received in handsome measure over the past year. So even though most of them do not read this blog, I still want to thank my loves, H, A, and S, for being in my life and for teaching me so much about life, love, relationships and how not to screw it all up. Here’s hoping that this year is just as exciting as the last for them and for everyone reading this.